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Tasty Software provides a wide array of software services to private companies and public organizations. All Tasty Software staff are seasoned professionals and experts in their fields.

Our core software development services are:

  • Software and Web Services

    We are a full service software development shop with an emphasis on the latest proven technologies:

    • J2EE development (Java, Java Server Pages, Java Servlets)
    • Frameworks for back-end services (Struts, custom tags)
    • Java Servlet containers (Tomcat, Websphere)
    • custom Java, C++, Perl, Python, and Visual Basic programming
    • Database architecture, schema design, and SQL programming using Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server
    • Web Site design and development (complete UI and back end server)

  • Corporate Intranets and Low Cost Office Automation

    We help companies lower costs by shifting their daily office chores away from tedious manual work and overpriced, insecure systems to the latest, stablest systems available. We encourage the use of license-free solutions such as Linux, Apache Web Server and sendmail in the place of expensive, buggy, pay-per-seat software.

    • Bullet-proof Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks using inexpensive PCs equipped with Linux operating system.
    • Mail Servers based on Sendmail, the premier email solution
    • Internal Corporate web sites for document distribution, scheduling, and other office automation uses.
    • Free open source office tools (MS-compatible word processing and spreadsheets)

  • Training and Support Services

    Tasty Software Services, our training and support division, has the right educational and support skills for your needs. We will train your staff in the technologies they need to get their jobs done. We will support your technology needs without your having to have an expensive in-house technical staff; you can focus on doing your real work, the work that makes you money, while relying on experts to fix your computer problems.

    • Training by top notch experts will be conducted at your site or offsite at a fully equipped educational facility.
    • Technical support for your network and computer workstations is provided on a contractual basis, either hourly or fixed fee monthly. Response time is competitive and prices are low.

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