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Frequently asked questions about Web Services

What are Web Services?

Web Services is a catch-all name for a family of technologies which enable organizations to promote their products and services to ever-larger audiences.

Put simply, it is a software framework which hides much of the complexity of developing software and enables a business to use simple code modules to perform such tasks as displaying information on a web page, processing customer information delivered from a browser, and otherwise helping to automate tedious jobs.

We already have a web site; why should we care about Web Services?

Your web site is both an informational resource to attract and educate your customers and a platform for delivering products and services. Increasingly, the delivery of your products and services will depend on a robust, modern web site including an attractive, user-friendly front end combined with powerful database and business logic processing on the back end.

To develop a powerful web presence without breaking the bank, increasingly companies are turning to web services; just as spreadsheets replaced manual number crunching and tedious financial programming twenty years ago, so web services are today replacing expensive efforts to reinvent the wheel, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies.

Isn't Web Services expensive?

Web Services is different, not more expensive. In fact it may be less expensive to implement a site using modern Web Services than to hand-code all the business logic and database manipulation that goes into a modern website. Maintenance also becomes easier when the website's underlying structure is largely composed of standard objects. Contact Tasty Software today for an appraisal of your business's software needs.

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