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Tasty Software, Inc. is a software development company specializing in:

 · Internet Web Services

 · Embedded Systems

 · Corporate Intranets

 · Portals

 · Innovative Web Services Objects

 · Low cost office automation

 · Smart outsourcing

 · Training and Support Services

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The Outlook

The PC revolution is over and the Internet revolution has begun. Most businesses are in the early phases of exploiting this powerful and beneficial technology. The centralized office with typing pools, morning meetings, and water cooler gossip is a thing of the past.

Today the message is productivity: you must go to your client's site, learn their needs are, and deliver them more quickly and efficiently than the competition.

We at Tasty Software are always on the lookout not for the latest hot technology trends but rather for the best methods both past and present that will benefit our clients. For example, if a firm has one or more employees who can be more productive by working offsite at least part of the time, we would recommend installing a virtual private network (VPN). With today's high speed networks and sophisticated administrative tools, a secure system can be established that will quickly pay for itself in a more efficient and motivated work force.
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